ICONic Boyz


Grand Man (ICONic Boy nickname)


April 8, 1997 (aged 18)
Freehold, NJ, U.S.


ICONic Boyz
ABDC Season 6


Vincent "Vinny" Castronovo Jr. , more commonly known as Vinny, is a former member of the ICONic Boyz. He left the ICONic Boyz in May 2011, but is still pursuing a career as a dancer and choreographer.

Personal Life

Vinny Castronovo was born on April 8, 1997, in Freehold, New Jersey. Shortly after Vinny's birth, his family moved to Sayreville, New Jersey, then to Millstone, New Jersey, where Vinny and he and his sisters, Alessandra and Bianca, have living in the majority of their childhood and teenage years. Vinny showed a passion for dance at an early age.Vinny revealed that he was bullied as a child.

An extremely bright boy who had a positive attitude, Vinny changed after his fifth-grade year. Most days started with tears. Vinny spent most recesses alone, writing down his feelings in his notebook under a tree. Vinny was taken out of the school system when a fellow classmate spoke to his mother about how a teacher was hateful towards Vinny. At his new school, he shared classes with some of his relatives. However, he was not the same cheerful and outgoing Vinny that everybody once knew.

During the same school year, in 2007, Vinny began taking dance lessons at a small dance center. He froze up during his recital and refused to take lessons again.Vinny was put into the old school system in sixth-grade. Once again, he experienced bullying and criticism for his love of dance. He took hip-hop classes in October at the ICON dance complex.

He continued to dance at the ICON for three years, where he grew in confidence and talent.Vincent proved to himself and others that he is a talented dancer for his age. He appeared in Beyonce's Let's Move flash workout video along with T-Money, and also was one of the select ICONic Boyz to compete in ABDC's Season 6.


  • Vinny loves California and Texas.
  • Vinny loves Nutella.
  • Candles make Vinny feel relaxed.
  • His favorite candle is "Bahama Breeze" from Yankee Candle.
  • His favorite fast-food restaruant is Wendy's.
  • His olders sister, Alessandra, is a singer.
  • His favorite word is GRAND. (See: GRANDerz)
  • Vinny's favorite animal is a Girraffe.
  • Often, there is a Ship for Vinny and ICONic Boy Mikey Fusco, called Minny. A lot of fans say "Minny Gang or Die".
  • Vinny doesn't have a middle name